Diet & Nutrition Counseling


The role of diet is now clear in its effects on our near- and long-term health. In order to help our clients live longer, more active lives, we offer the services of experienced dieticians and nutritionists who can work with you in developing a plan for maintaining or restoring your health. Our dieticians utilize the latest science-based food and nutrition information in working with you in developing a daily and weekly diet plan.

Our dieticians provide one-on-one assessments, counseling and lifestyle plans for people of all ages, right in your own home or setting of your choosing.

Our programs address:

  • General wellness and prevention
  • Weight management and obesity
  • Diabetes, hypoglycemia, high cholesterol and hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Food allergies
  • ADHD and hyperactivity
  • Vegetarianism and veganism
  • Education, including interpreting food labeling and vitamins

Our dieticians can also serve the needs of children and teenagers, in addition to adults and senior citizens.

Make an investment in your most valuable resource – your health!

Please contact us for an in-home or phone consultation:

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